Got a Glaring Problem? How to Fix Glare in Workspaces

Glare is not only annoying and distracting— but it can also be bad for your health. In addition to being a major contributor to eyestrain and headaches, glare can also cause back or neck strain if we’re unwittingly adjusting our posture in order to get a more comfortable view of the task at hand. Think... Continue Reading →

6 Tips for a Better Day Working from Home

I’m willing to bet many of you are reading this article from your home office today. And I use the term “home office” loosely because the truth of the situation is that for many of us that really means a corner of a spare bedroom, the dining room table, or even perhaps a converted closet.... Continue Reading →

How to Shop for a Task Light

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to shopping for task lighting fixtures. A quick Google search for ‘desk lighting’ will produce an infinite amount of options for nearly any taste or style preference. However, a purchase decision should not be made on aesthetic considerations alone. Task lighting can influence productivity, support general wellness,... Continue Reading →

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